It’s Ant Season – Burbank Ant Pest Control Treatments

Summer is not only a good time to hit the beach and otherwise enjoy the warm weather and long days, it’s also ant season, and therefore it is the boom time for ant pest control. Like humans in Burbank and other cities in Los Angeles County, ants are looking for relief from the summer heat. They are also looking for water, as well as food. A slovenly roommate who leaves food all over the place is, therefore, not necessarily the primary reason you have ants.

Ants live underground, and the hot summer sun dries out their home. So, they come to the surface looking for water and relief.

Why do I need an exterminator?

Individual ants are easy to kill. You can step on them, trap them, poison them, and so on. The Internet is full of natural methods of ant pest control, and some of these works better than others. People have used things like oatmeal, vinegar, baking soda, and cinnamon to kill and/or repel ants.

The problem is that ants live in underground colonies that can contain thousands or millions of ants. So even if you’re getting the ones who come to the surface, there are plenty more where they came from. You thus need an exterminator who has the tools to get to that colony and kill all the ants.

What does ant pest control involve?

The first step in ant pest control is sending one of our trained professionals to evaluate the problem. They can determine what kind of ants you have and where the colony is. In some cases, there may be more than one colony involved, and the ants are following a “migration path” to your home. Our pest control expert can also tell you if a single treatment will do the job, or if you will need several monthly treatments.

We also offer sanitation services to prevent the ants from coming back. We will look for possible entry points, shelters, and food sources that make your home attractive to ants. We can both take care of these and advise you on ways to keep your home ant-free.

Facts about ants

Of the 12,000 plus ant species known, about 700 live in the US. Only around 25 of those species invade people’s homes. The ant species listed as pests in Burbank and other parts of southern California include the following:

  • Velvety tree ant
  • Thief ant
  • Southern fire ant
  • Red imported fire ant
  •  Odorous house ant
  •  Little black ant
  • Harvester ant
  • Carpenter ant
  • Argentine ant
  • Pharaoh ant

If you have ants or suspect you have ants, call (818) 841-4411. We serve both homes and commercial properties in Burbank and other cities in the Los Angeles area.

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