Pest Sanitation Services


One of the first steps towards a pest-free property is ensuring that the area is free of trash that can provide food and shelter for unwanted insects and rodents. That is why we offer extensive sanitation services, including deodorizing and sanitation of trash receptacles, drain cleaning and equipment cleaning services. Taking advantage of these services makes it so that you are less likely to have to deal with a pest infestation at some later date.


Cleaning Services

Cleaning of dumpsters, trash compactors and other receptacles following trash receptacle pickup is important in both residential and commercial settings. Industrial equipment can also benefit from regular professional cleaning.

Taken together, these steps contribute to a more sanitary environment that is resistant to pests and healthier for the people living and working in it. We also provide deodorization to get rid of any lingering odor after a dumpster pick-up.

Drain Cleaning

Indoor and outdoor drains can also harbor trash and dirt that can attract pests. We provide drain cleaning services that remove build up from drains and get them flowing again.

We have the tools to clean and sanitize large industrial drainage systems, regardless of what you put down them. In addition, we offer deodorization for drains and drainage systems.

Take advantage of our sanitation services in the Los Angeles area!