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Fumigation Companies For Residential & Commercial Sector

The term fumigation can make it sound like an intimidating and highly complex process. But here at Mills Pest Management we practice the most efficient, courteous, and effective fumigation techniques.

Our fumigation services are necessary when other pest control methods are not adequate. Matter of fact, most of the pest control methods fail to provide complete extermination of the pests. However there are compounds used to gas the pests in commercial premises. The chemicals used for fumigation are far more toxic than the ones used for pest control. Thus, the building has to be evacuated before any such procedure is pursued for complete wipe-out of the pests. We provide residential and commercial fumigation in Los Angeles. Our consummated team has competitively priced the services considering the size of the building and complexity involved herein to deliver the top notch results.

Home Fumigation Services For Pest- Free Setup

Sometimes your pest problem gets out of hand and localized treatments won’t get the job done right. No matter how difficult or large your infestation is, we have the expertise to handle it. You might need fumigation for.
  • Termites                                         
  • Bedbugs
  • Ticks   
  • Rodents
  • Fleas                                                   
  • Cockroaches
Along with full and partial fumigation for homes and commercial properties, we provide services for containers, silos, and commodities. We provide free inspection to thoroughly examine your residential premises where fumigation has to be undertaken. Call us at (818) 841-4411 or write to us at [email protected] for free quotes and book an appointment now!

Sometimes You Need the Tent For Complete Fumigation

Once we prepare your property, we cover it with one of those big tents to ensure the pests are completely gassed out. While you might be dreading how long your property will be tented, don’t worry. Our team of fumigation professionals knows how to get the job finished quickly. When you need effective and reliable pest control, you want to call the professionals to make sure pests are completely eliminated.

Ancillary Methods for Fumigation

  • Heat Treatment: There are many methods to expunge the pests with the application of safe products. For instance, heat treatment is provided to affected spots or objects. They are properly wrapped with polyethylene or vinyl sheets before temperature probes are inserted to generate heat to destroy the termites.
  • Localized treatment: There are many chemical (foams, liquid nitrogen chemical liquids and dusts) and non-chemical (electrocution, heat, and microwave) means to achieve complete termite extermination. However, some of the methods can damage the overall structure of the affected objects.
  • Preventive methods: There are different methods to prevent the incidence of termite such as chemical liquids and dusts and pressure-treated wood.

Do not hesitate any further and Call us at (818) 841-4411 or write to us at [email protected] to get it started !

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